Office Bearers of Approach Autism Society


Post electoral process, following is list of office bearers, role and responsiblities

The new Governing Body Members are:
1. Ms. Arpita Yadav (President)
Role: Planning, Strategising, Fund Raising, Day to Day skill enhancement of trainees
2. Mr. Anurag Srivastava (Secretary)
Role: Admin, Day to Day functions, Coordination with office bearers, fund management, Human Resource management, regulatory fulfillment
3. Ms. Rashmi Verma (Treasurer)
Role and Responsibilities
Account Entry and related Documentation, Coordination with CA for returns
4. Mr. Virendra Pandya (Vice President - Finance & Resources)
Role and Responsibilities:
Funding, Client and Resource Mobilization, Mangalam Grand Project Lead, HR policies, SOPs
5. Ms. Reva Sudeep (Vice President - Community Mobilization)
Role and responsibilities:
Awareness, Events, Integration
6. Mr. P K Saraswat (Vice President - Liasoning and Administration)
Role and Responsibilities:
Liasoning with government departments for projects, registration, Registrar office, CSR Communications with corporate, Work Place administration
7. Mr. Kuldeep Panwar (Vice President - Business Development and Marketing)
Role and Responsibilities:
Getting job work, services for trainees, Workflow design, Value Chain Analysis, Marketing, and Sale of products at the work unit
8. Ms. Neeru Gahlawat (proposed for Joint Secretary - Community Mobilization)
Role and Responsibilities
Will be in sync with the VP - Community Mobilization,
Additionally, work with Arpita Ji and Garima Ji for Course Module Preparation for trainees at Approach Graam
9. Mr. Sanjay Sharma ( Joint Secretary - Business Development and Marketing)
Role and Responsibilities
In sync with the VP of Business Development and Marketing
10. Rajendra Khandelwal (Proposed for Joint Secretary - (Liasoning and Administration)
Role and Responsibilities
In sync with VP - Liasoning and Admin. Additionally will focus on the benefits of economically marginalized disability segments


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