APPROACH GRAAM - Mangalam Grand

Residential Project - Commencing Construction work from Dec 2024

Parent Owned/ Society Operated


A Group Home Inclusive Living Residential Project for Supporting Independent Living of PwIDD (Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilies.

Every PwIDDs will belong to the Approach Graam. Every parent will take care of all PWID like their own family.

Everyone will be part of inclusive eco system

Celebrate all festivals, birthdays, picnics or any other event together. Sports in the evening,Skating, Cycling, Gym, Swimming, Enjoy movie at weekends, Cherish food in restaurants.

An important issue is our own old age which will be answered in APPROACH GRAAM. Just as we will train caregivers for the differently-abled, in the same way Direct Support Practioners will be prepared for geriatric care (elderly people).



Step 1 .20th March 22, Commencement of Independent Living Training Program at Rangoli Gardens (PWIDs)

Step 2. Feb’24 – 4 Trainees & 2 Families of PWIDs in Rangoli Gardens

Step 3. Dec’24 – Commencement of construction work at Mangalam Grand at 2 out 3 adjoining plots (167 sqyrd each), 3rd plot as kitchen garden

Step 4. Dec’23 – Relocation of Rangoli Project to Mangalam Grand initially at rented premises.

Step 5. Apr’ 25 – Commencement of Construction of Work Center of AAS on 1000 sqyrd

Step 6. Mar 26 – Operational Work station of AAS



Parent Owned/ Society Operated

Parent opts to construct his house where he can stay at 1st floor

Ground floor is given on long lease to AAS

5 PwIDDs stay arrangement at 3 BHK  grnd floor

If Parent choose not to stay there, can rent out 1st floor to other willing parent

The rental income compensates the Fee

AAS can help in Taking plots in Mangalam Grand

Outer look to be uniform for all associated houses

Plan for fiduciary management and long term agreement with AAS

Parents/ guardian staying in the society would have additional responsibilities and benifits


Financial Working – Parent Acquiring 150 Sqrd
Parent not staying but leased out his constructed property (approximate calculations)

  • •Plot :    Rs38,25,000 
  • •Construction:    Rs27,30,000
  • •Total Investment:   Rs65,55,000
  • •Security Deposit to AAS for PWIDD: Rs10,00,000
  • •Residential Fee:  Rs30,000 per month (Note: Consumable and high support special expenses extra)
  • •Rental Income:  Rs18,000Per Month

Effective Expense Per month:  Rs12,000/-


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