Approach Autism Society

About Society

Approach Autism is self help group of parents of children with Autism. It has been registered under the name “Approach Autism Society” registration number “525/Jaipur/2011-12”


Inclusion of differently abled persons in the main stream global society


To establish infrastructure for persons with autism and multiple disability which offers equitable, barrier free and dignified services and offers them opportunity for lively hood with support of resourceful, skilled members/ stakeholders of the community/ society.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objects for which the Society is established are the following:

  • Education :
    • To organise training and refresher programmes for the parents/ guardians/Care Giver/ Siblings (of persons with the disability)/ volunteers and officials of different Non-Government Organisations to strengthen the development skills of trainees which they can use for the betterment of the group and home.
    • To disseminate information and knowledge, to edit, publish, and print literature and documents, maintain libraries, and to organise seminars/ conference/ meetings etc related to the disability sector for the betterment of person with the disability and their families.
  • Health :
    • To work in the field of providing healthy hygienic and safe environment.
    • To identify early intervention need by creating awareness programme.
    • To meet individual therapeutic and medicinal needs of person with the disability
  • Ensuring provision of social security for the complete life time for person with the disability
  • To interface other similar group around the world for knowledge sharing and building expertise.
  • To create nodes around the world to provide the expertise & support to the person with the disability
  • To develop special strengths of person with the disability & showcase those skills on various plate-form.
  • To create awareness among people about functions and powers of educational and employment rights.
  • Policy formulation and implementation:
    • To work with the government and other NGOs at the policy formulation level.
    • To affirmatively coordinate with the State and Central Government in implementation of developmental schemes.