Autism Education Outreach Program

Autism Education Outreach Program

•Recent statistics suggest that 1 out of 54 toddlers being diagnosed with autism.
•Indian having population of 1.3 Bln and 26 Mln increment per year has 5 lac new autism cases per year.
•The country needs 1 lac new educators every year to support the increment of 5 Lac new autism cases per year
•To support the person with autism, Jaipur needs 300 new educators having expertise in early interventions, every year.
•AEOP empowers the educators through CogniABle APP a structured and organised Goal and Targets base working with persons with autism and their families. 

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We look for diversity, not just with where you come from, but also what you do. Our volunteer cohort has included consultants, teachers, students, lawyers, doctors, accountants, and even pilots.

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